Please note that no fees apply to the storage of jewellery, stamps, books, coins, weapons and wine.

Collection from our departments

Purchased items must be collected from the department where the preview was held (as listed in the lot description). Wrapping tables complete with packaging materials are available at our departments where you can wrap items safely to avoid damage during the transport to your home.

If a buyer sends someone else in his or her place to collect the items, such as a transport company, the persons representing the buyer must present their ID and a written authorisation from the buyer to avoid items being wrongfully collected.

Please note that certain weapons require a valid import permit from the appropriate authority of the buyer’s home country before the weapon can be collected. If the item is collected by a third party, ID, written authorisation and a valid import permit must be shown. 

NB: The items must be collected by Tuesday of the week following the sale in the respective departments.

This means that the duration of the period in which you can collect an item depends on which day the purchase was made. If, for instance, you purchase an item on a Monday, you have 8 days to collect your purchases. If you purchase on a Thursday, you have 5 days in which to collect. The exact deadline for collection is stipulated on your email invoice.

Order shipping

If you are unable to collect the item within this time frame, you can request an offer regarding transport, postage or shipping from our website. Items that have not been collected before the stated deadline will be transferred to the Bruun Rasmussen storage facility (as stated below) at the expense of the buyer. All liability lies with the buyer.

Items purchased at online auctions from our department at No. 30 Sundkrogsgade, Nordhavn, or at traditional auction at No. 33 Bredgade, Copenhagen, are transferred to our storage facility at No. 10 Baltikavej.

Items purchased at online auctions handled by our department at No. 34D Søren Frichs Vej in Aarhus will remain at the department in Aarhus.

The fee for transfer to storage is DKK 150 per item and the storage fee is DKK 150 per item per initiated week. 

Read more about postage and transportation


For further information, please contact:

Bruun Rasmussen's shipping department: +45 8818 1055