Private Sale

It is not only in the saleroom the seller and buyer can find each other at Bruun Rasmussen. In some cases, a “Private Sale” can be the best solution for all parties. With a Private Sale we make our staff of experts available to sellers who want a discreet and tailor-made sale on the international market.


At Bruun Rasmussen we always strive to provide our customers with the best possible service and sales experience - also outside the saleroom. The traditional auctions and the daily online auctions are our primary sales channels, but in certain cases we believe that a Private Sale is the best solution for the seller, the buyer and the auction house.


What Can Be Sold at a Private Sale?

Whether it is a sale at auction or a Private Sale we only sell items that are allowed according to Danish legislation. In a Private Sale we facilitate sales of the same categories as at our auctions: art, antiques, modern design, jewellery, wristwatches, books, stamps, coins and wine. The criterion for a Private Sale is that the item is of an exceptional quality that can achieve a high price on the international market.


Greater Flexibility

One of the benefits of a Private Sale is flexibility. As a seller you are not dependent on our auction calendar – since a Private Sale can be carried out all year round.


Same High Quality Service

With a Private Sale the same principles of valuation apply as they do at a public auction. It is also the same valuers, who by virtue of their solid knowledge, experience and market insight have the skills to place the right price on your particular item.

Prior to any sale at Bruun Rasmussen our valuers examine the item in question and its provenance thoroughly. They are trained in spotting forgeries and stay up to date on information regarding stolen goods in circulation on the auction market.


Who Is the Buyer?

We follow the auction market closely, and through our large, affluent customer base of collectors worldwide, we can always find an appropriate buyer for a Private Sale.


When Discretion Is Important

At Bruun Rasmussen we never disclose the seller's identity, unless this is expected to have a positive influence on the hammer price and the seller gives his/her approval. All of our auctions and hammer prices, in turn, are publicly available. With a Private Sale information about identity, items and price is always treated strictly confidential.


How Much Does a Private Sale Cost?

At all Private Sales we negotiate an individual sales agreement that will satisfy all parties in the sale. As a starting point the expenses follow our usual rates.


For further information and discussion of options for a Private Sale, please contact​:

Kasper Nielsen: 8818 1121 ·