One Auction House – Three Types of Auctions

As the only internationally recognized auction house in the world, Bruun Rasmussen offers three types of auctions – Live Auction, Online Auction and Direct Auction.


The three types of auctions are all built up around our professional advice, valuation and communication. Our specialists will always be able to help you choose the auction type most suited for a particular item when it comes to achieving the best sale possible.

Live Auction

The Live Auctions have been held at Bruun Rasmussen since the auction house first opened in 1948. From the podium in the saleroom, the auctioneer oversees the sale of the most expensive artwork, design classics, antiques, jewellery pieces, wristwatches and rare collectables. Everyone is welcome, and no special prerequisites are required to participate in a Live Auction. Before each auction, all the items are placed on display at our previews, but they can also be viewed online at and in the richly illustrated auction catalogues.

Online Auction

Online Auctions were added to the auction house’s repertoire in 2004, and here the auctions exclusively take place online at You can find items within the same categories as in the Live Auctions, but most often the items are at a more affordable price level. Every week of the year, more than 1,500 items are auctioned off via Online Auction. All the items can be viewed, tested and examined in our showrooms in Copenhagen or Aarhus during the weeks leading up to the sale.

Direct Auction

The latest addition to the line-up is Direct Auction, which was introduced in 2018. This form of auction also takes place online at At Direct Auction, you can buy and sell the same type of items as on the other two auction platforms – yet within a much lower price range. It is the same specialists who with their expertise and experience valuate and describe all the items. The only difference is that the sellers are the ones who photograph the auction lots before the sales, store the lots at their homes during the auction period and subsequently send the items directly to the buyers. Therefore, there is no preview at our locations for items up for Direct Auction.

From DKK 800 to Several Million Kroner

Every year, we auction off more than 100,000 lots at our Live Auctions, Online Auctions and Direct Auctions. With the price range being between DKK 800 to several million kroner, we can offer a sale for the vast majority of buyers and sellers. That is why we are considered Scandinavia's most sought-after and credible auction house. That is why we say Bruun Rasmussen is ALL of Scandinavia's auction house.

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