Visit the Online Auction During Your Summer Holiday!

Summer is upon us, and for many people, this means a break from everyday life. But the holiday is also a chance for you to seek new inspiration for your home or collection, and our Online Auctions give you the opportunity to do just that.

Summer and sunshine! It is that time of the year when we head to the beach with a good book, embark on new adventures and shift into low gear. The holidays also provide us with the time to immerse ourselves in art, design and other collector's interests. At our Online Auctions over the summer, you will find an ocean of awe-inspiring objects – from seascapes to Danish design classics. Allow us to guide you through some of the many treasures. Grab your tablet, find a spot under the parasol and go on the hunt for your next find.

Nature in Art

The summer holidays are often spent on the beach, taking a dip in the blue waves, and evidence of our connection to the sea can also be found in Danish art history. Danish marine art, which depicts the sea and ships, was very much an artistic reaction to the loss of the Danish fleet to the British after the bombardment of Copenhagen in 1807.

Emanuel Larsen: Marine med sejlskibe ud for en kyst (Seascape with sailing ships off the coast). Signed. Oil on paper pasted on canvas. 32×40 cm. Estimate: DKK 8,000–10,000.

At this summer’s Online Auction, we present several paintings depicting European coasts. One of them is a painting by Vilhelm Melbye, who as a student of his brother, Anton Melbye, trained as a marine artist. He lived in London for a number of years, and the seascape up for auction depicting fishermen salvaging the remnants from a wrecked ship is believed to be from the English coast. Another of the auction’s seascapes with sailing ships is by Emanuel Larsen, who specialised in the genre as a student of the father of Danish art, C.W. Eckersberg. Landscape artist Janus la Cour has also depicted the sea, as we see in the painting up for auction, where the waves and differences in depths set against the sky’s low-lying blanket of clouds are like a colour chart over the Danish coast.

Back on dry land, we find the painting by the expressionist painter Jens Søndergaard. He was fascinated by the powerful forces of nature and the rolling landscape, which he depicts in bright colours and round lines. The interest in nature is repeated in other works up for auction in a Swedish pine forest by Johannes Larsen and a beautiful still life with flowers and fruit by Susette Holten Skovgaard.

Discreet Design Classics

It is the language of the materials themselves I am trying to express”. This is how Poul Kjærholm once explained his approach to his work. And this wicker 'PK 22' chair, which was designed in 1955 as part of his graduation project at the School of Arts and Crafts in Copenhagen, is the epitome of this. The chair was inspired by Mies van der Rohe’s 'Barcelona' chair from 1929, but embodies the simple style typified by Danish furniture design. Awarded the Grand Prix at the design fair in Milan the following year, the chair became Kjærholm’s seal of approval, catapulting his career both at home in Denmark and internationally.

The graphic lines are seen again in Henning Nørgaard’s two square coffee tables, made in the 1960s. Here, however, it is not steel and wicker that form the design but rosewood and a smoked glass tabletop.

Poul Kjærholm: “PK 22”. Easy chair with frame of steel. Seat and back with patinated woven cane. Estimate: DKK 10,000-12,000.

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