Wristwatches at Bruun Rasmussen

At Bruun Rasmussen, you can buy and sell exclusive wristwatches from the world's leading brands.

Auctions All Year Round

Regardless of whether you want to invest in your first wristwatch or you are looking for a unique timepiece for your collection, there is plenty of inspiration to find in our large selection of wristwatches from brands such as Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Rolex and Omega.

Every other Wednesday you can bid on our Online Auctions, where both older and newer watches are up for grabs. If you are looking for something exceptional, we host four annual Live Auctions in Copenhagen, where we find new owners for the most exclusive watches on the market.



Looking for something special? Create a search agent and get notified when there is a wristwatch up for auction that might be of interest to you.


Classical Vintage Watches from a Danish Collection

We can now present a Danish private collection of 84 classical wristwatches that date from the period between the 1940s and the 1970s. The starting point of the collection lies in the design and history, and each of the watches contributes to an exciting horological narrative, which has without a doubt become highly topical again.

Sell Your Wristwatch

Our experienced valuation specialists are ready to help you with an estimate on your items online through our valuation service. All you have to do is upload photos and a description – you will then get an answer within no more than two business days.


Online estimate

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