Please note: Due to technical difficulties, parts of the online auction on 6 December have been deferred to 8 December.

Changes to Privacy Policy and Conditions

We have updated our privacy policy and conditions of purchase and sale. The update of the conditions concerns the buyer’s premium, seller’s commission and registration fee.

New Fee Rates

Live Auction

Buyer’s premium: 32% inc. VAT (coins 25% inc. VAT)

Seller’s commission: 18% inc. VAT

Registration fee: DKK 750 inc. VAT (coins DKK 500 inc. VAT)


Online Auction

Buyer’s premium: 25% inc. VAT

Seller’s commission: 18% inc. VAT

Registration fee: DKK 350 inc. VAT (coins, stamps and wine DKK 125 inc. VAT)


Direct Auction

Buyer’s premium: 18% inc. VAT

Seller’s commission: 9% inc. VAT

Registration fee: DKK 50 inc. VAT


You do not have to do anything as a customer, but we always recommend that you read about our privacy policy and official conditions before you purchase or sell items at our auctions. Agreements made prior to 1 July will be subject to the existing conditions.

Read the Conditions of Purchase

Conditions of Purchase for Live Auctions

Conditions of Purchase for Online Auctions

Conditions of Purchase for Direct Auctions


Read the Conditions of Sale

Conditions of Sale for Live Auctions and Online Auctions 

Conditions of Sale for Direct Auctions


Read the Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us:

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