Countermarked Penny from St. Thomas

Countermarked coins are an exiting area for collectors to dive into, which can take you far and wide in both time and geography. You can for instance join us in the Danish West Indies at the current online auction 1611.


At the auction we can present a very appealing example of the above – an originally English Penny 1797 with no less than three countermarkings from St. Thomas. In addition, the coin is both impressive in size, beautiful in colour and expression, and it will fit into many types of collections. At the time of writing the bidding has reached a price of DKK 2,100, which is well above the estimated price, and who knows where it will end.


Auction and Preview

You can bid on the countermarked penny and the rest of auction 1611 until Sunday, 20 March at 3 pm. The preview takes place at Baltikavej 10 in Copenhagen's Nordhavn on Friday, 18 March at 10 am to 3:30 pm


The Coin Department wishes you a happy Easter!


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