Watch Kær’s Art Calendar 2021

"There is always something. There’s never nothing". Perhaps you remember Peter Kær’s mantra from the previous years’ art calendar, where he took us on trips to Constantin Hansen’s Rome, Anna Ancher’s Skagen and all the way into the living room of Vilhelm Hammershøi. From 1-24 December, you can once again follow "Kær’s Art Calendar", when the popular art detective zooms in on Elisabeth Jerichau Baumann.

Join us on an amazing voyage to Egypt and the European art scene of the 1800s, as Bruun Rasmussen in collaboration with the National Gallery of Denmark give you the opportunity to follow “Kær’s Art Calendar” once again. Across 24 video episodes, Peter Kær tells the unusual story about a strong-willed woman, who scoffed at the gender roles of her time and became an internationally acclaimed artist. The starting point is the work entitled En ægyptisk pottesælgerske ved Gizeh” (An Egyptian Pot Seller at Gizeh), which Elisabeth Jerichau Baumann painted in 1876-78. The story can be followed without any prior knowledge on the subject as we learn about both Jerichau Baumann’s personal and professional life.

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On Tuesday 30 November we will sell seven other works by Elisabeth Jerichau Baumann at the year's final Live Auction in Copenhagen. View the works here

Elisabeth Jerichau Baumann “En ægyptisk pottesælgerske ved Gizeh” (An Egyptian Pot Seller at Gizeh), 1876-78. Today owned by the National Gallery of Denmark.

Panel Discussion in the Auction House

Watch contemporary artist Anette Harboe Flensburg, researcher and art interpreter Mette Houlberg Rung at the National Gallery of Denmark and head of the department for fine art at Bruun Rasmussen Auctioneers Julie Arendse Voss as they discuss Elisabeth Jerichau Baumann and her art.

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