Memorabilia from “Matador”

Maude's neuroses, Mads' entrepreneurship and Red's idealism. The sharply drawn characters from the small Danish town of Korsbæk have achieved a permanent place in the Danish collective consciousness. We are now selling three documents that were used as props in the memorable TV series “Matador” – a letterhead from Omegnsbanken, a concert programme and a socialist manifesto.

The TV series Matador is one of Danish TV history's biggest and most lasting successes. It was created by author and journalist Lise Nørgaard in collaboration with film director Erik Balling and was initially broadcast on DR (Danish Broadcasting Company) through 24 episodes between 1978 and 1981. Since then, it has been shown several times on Danish TV, and in 2006 it was inducted into the Danish Culture Canon.

The plot takes place in the fictional provincial town of "Korsbæk" during the years 1929 to 1947. Through the large and colourful gallery of characters, played by some of Denmark's most beloved actors, the story is told through the town's residents, the various social strata, changing norms, family strife and other dramas in a sharp, loving and humorous tone.

A Piece of Danish history


Matador is considered by many to be a small piece of Danish history in itself, and the fictional narrative is scaffolded by real historical events. The Great Depression, the Nazi occupation, the political life and the budding women’s movement are among the events covered and they all influence the life of the residents in Korsbæk. The story begins when the outsider Mads Andersen-Skjern arrives in town and decides to open a new clothing store for "ordinary people". The bourgeoisie families are upset about the initiative, and drama ensues! Korsbæk changes forever and moves towards more modern times.

Treasures up for Auction

It is not often that we have props from the film world up for auction, and we are therefore pleased to be able to present these three treasures from Matador.


One of the documents is an invitation to a socialist meeting, and in true propaganda fashion, the introduction reads: “Comrades! Now is the time to work with renewed vigor for the socialist idea, to arm ourselves for battle, against the profiteers and the capitalists”.


The second document is a letterhead with a logo for "Omegnsbanken", a bank run by the brothers Kresten and Mads Andersen-Skjern, which is a competitor to the more well-established Korsbæk Bank. The fact that the new bank moves into the building that used to house the clothing store "Damernes Magasin", which went bankrupt in competition with "Skjerns Magasin", only makes matters worse and shocks the city's leading figures.


The third document is a programme from Korsbæk’s Music Association with an introduction of a concert entitled "Leiders and Romances" with singer Amalie Hagensen and pianist Roland Andersen. The concert takes place in the fourth episode of the series, entitled "The Maiden Aunt", where Elisabeth Friis (the aunt of the title) and Kresten Andersen-Skjern begin their complicated relationship.

With the three offered documents, we dive into various well-known aspects of the popular TV-series.


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Treasures from Matador

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