Meet Kit, Heidi and Helene

At Bruun Rasmussen, we are still open and standing by to help you with both consignments, valuation, collecting items or other questions concerning the world of auctions. Meet three of our employees as they tell you a little about their work in the auction house right now.

Kit, Heidi and Helene all work in Bruun Rasmussen's offices in Nordhavn, Copenhagen – read below about what they do to ensure that you as a customer have a good experience when you participate in our auctions during this period.

Meet Us Through Our Drive-in and Receive a Valuation

At the valuation counter in Sundkrogsgade, Copenhagen, you can meet Kit Saugsted, who is a valuation specialist. Here at the counter, everyone can have their items valuated. It can be anything from art, antiques and collectibles to design, wristwatches and jewellery.


Normally, you can visit us and have your items valuated at the counter. Due to COVID-19, the valuation instead takes place outside in our car park with a safe distance between our specialists and customers – we call it a “drive-in” auction house. We can often provide a valuation right away. Other times we bring the items inside for further examination. Everyone can come by if they have something that they think could be interesting to sell at auction.

Every day, we meet a lot of different people and experience a whole sea of ​​interesting objects through our drive-in valuation. It can be anything from heirlooms to antiques that the customer has found at a flea market or design classics and paintings by world-famous artists. No day is the same, and each day presents an opportunity to acquire new knowledge, which makes it a wonderful business to be part of.

Kit Saugsted

valuation specialist

Have Your Items Valuated by Our Specialists

Heidi Schophuus Jensen is a valuation specialist in our Department of Varia, which deals with everything from blue fluted porcelain and mahogany clocks to Russian art, Asian ceramics and English silverware.


"We are currently seeing more people using our online valuation, as it does not require them to personally show up at our locations. Instead, the customer can simply send pictures and a description of the item to us, and in return, we provide them with a valuation. It has been a really good and practical solution for many people.

We also see that many people are using our Direct Auctions to sell and buy unique collector's items. The smart thing here is that you as a seller don’t have to transport the items to us. You can keep them at home and then send them directly to the buyers.”

Heidi Schophuus Jensen

Valuation specialist in our Department of Varia

If You Have a Question, We’ll Find the Answer in Customer Service

Helene Starup sits in Bruun Rasmussen's customer service, where she helps a wide range of customers with everything from information about a specific item or artist to how you consign or pick up your auction lots or submit a bid.


“Our most important task in customer service is to understand the needs of the customers so that they feel their questions are being answered. Normally, you can come in and talk to us in Nordhavn, Copenhagen, but right now we are taking all inquiries by phone, email or through our drive-in.

We have different auction types – Live Auction, Online Auction and Direct Auction – so the inquiries can vary a great deal. If this is the first time you participate in an auction, you may need some personal guidance on how to place a bid at an Online Auction. Some customers call in to ask about a particular artist or item they have fallen in love with. Others need to know how to request an online valuation. Of course, we are also ready to answer practical or logistical questions regarding e.g. shipment, technical challenges – and everything in between! Preferably, it should be "convenient" to be a customer with us, so we do everything we can to make you the customer feel happy, satisfied and well treated during the whole auction process."

Helene Starup

Customer Service

For further information, please contact:

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