Live event 19 November

Kasper Nielsen meets the two art historians Annette Rosenvold Hvidt from the National Gallery of Denmark and Gertrud Oelsner from The Hirschsprung Collection in a conversation about Hammershøi. Art presenter Peter Kær will act as moderator at the event in the auction house in Copenhagen.


Kær’s Art Calendar 2020

"There is always something. There is never nothing". Perhaps you remember the Danish art historian Peter Kær's mantra from last year's art calendar, where he took us on a trip to Anna Ancher's Skagen. From 1-24 December this year, you can follow a new season of "Kær’s Art Calendar" as the popular presenter and art detective zooms in on Vilhelm Hammershøi's painting "Interior in Strandgade, Sunlight on the Floor" from 1901. We begin with a talk in the auction house on Thursday at 2 pm.

This year, Kær’s Art Calendar has been created in a collaboration between the National Gallery of Denmark, the Hirschsprung Collection and Bruun Rasmussen Auctioneers of Fine Art. In the 24 video episodes, Peter Kær brings us on a journey back to Hammershøi's time. Kær dives into the details of the work and poses unexpected questions, such as "did Hammershøi ever go outside?" and "why is the woman sitting with her back to us?" Everyone will be able to enjoy the stories told, and we get close to Hammershøi as both an artist and a person.

You can follow the art calendar here on the website or via our newsletter, where you will receive a new episode each day from 1-24 December. Sign up for "Bruun Rasmussen Newsletter"

Peter Kær teaches art appreciation and arranges art cafés and museum tours. In addition, he also acts as a moderator and initiator. He has hosted various TV programmes about art and history and has for a number of years worked for the Danish TV channels DR and TV2 as a host, journalist and programme planer.

Digital Event: Conversation About Vilhelm Hammershøi in the Auction House

Vilhelm Hammershøi's "Interior in Strandgade, Sunlight on the Floor" from 1901 is today owned by the National Gallery of Denmark.

On Thursday 19 November at 2 pm, art historians Annette Rosenvold Hvidt from the National Gallery of Denmark and Gertrud Oelsner from The Hirschsprung Collection will have a conversation about Hammershøi with our Director of Valuation and Sales Kasper Nielsen in the auction house in Bredgade, Copenhagen. They will be joined by eight works made by Hammershøi that are up for auction in December, and Peter Kær will act as a moderator for the event. Due to COVID-19 the conversation will be live-streamed directly from our website, where you have the opportunity to experience the three art connoisseurs present their extensive knowledge on the subject.

FILM: Introduction to Kær’s Art Calendar

Vilhelm Hammershøi: "Landscape. Summer. From Lyngby Lake." (1888). Oil on canvas. 35 x 37 cm. Estimate: DKK 1.5-2.5 million. The painting will be up for auction on Tuesday 1 December after 4 pm (CET) in the auction house at Bredgade 33 in Copenhagen together with seven other works by Hammershøi, including a couple of childhood drawings. View the entire selection.