The Right Words for the Right Wines

The current wine auction offers both rarities from Romanée St. Vivant, a bottle of Chateau Haut-Brion 89 in magnum size as well as a Chateau Latour 1982. In other words, the auction on 25 October is bursting with delicious wines.

It is difficult to choose the right words that can fully describe this auction. Nevertheless, a whole host of words are queuing up along the red carpet to get their picture taken with the A-list celebrities of the wine world's royal family tree. The words have to crawl over each other, and it’s a tangled web of pointed vowels, biting consonants, oaths and curses as well as knotted conjunctions.

In the following, we will try to put these competing words in order and select the most descriptive ones for the auction. However, we cannot promise that the praise of the wine lots and the subsequent heart palpitations and adrenaline rush will not seize control of the keyboard. For what is wine, if not the pure and raw emotional roller coaster ride all of us wine lovers happily stand in line for time and time again.

Rare Bird Seeks New Home

Rarely do we get the opportunity to offer Romanée St. Vivant from Cathiard. It is not often that more than three barrels are produced per year, so you have to be a true early bird to catch this bottle. At the same time, make sure you have stored enough away before you go on the hunt, as this wine often requires a depth of the porte-monnaie that matches the rarity of the liquid inside this bottle. In return, you get an experience that is guaranteed to be stored safely among your most cherished memories. Purity, chasm-deep layers and a core of fresh berries that will make even the most persistent wine pessimist lower his guard and let himself be covered by soft quilts of wild red forest berries.

A Wine to Keep Warm with During the Winter

Equally rare is Griotte Chambertin from Domaine Fourrier. This is the first time ever we can offer three vintages at the same auction. Whether the name of this small parcel of a grand cru appellation comes from the fact that Morello cherries were once grown here, or it is derived from a type of stone with the same name that resembled the colour of a cherry stone, remains unknown. However, it is certainly a known fact that this wine contains enough warm memories to keep the owner snug for a long time, now that the cold weather is beginning to roll across the autumn land.

Excellent Scandinavian Wine Collection

Only the best for my friends and me. Wine is made to be shared, and there has to be plenty of it, so it can make it around the table and back again. Here's your chance. “Unique” and “in ample supply” are difficult words to combine in the same sentence, but that seems to be the case when it comes to describing this Scandinavian collection. Like diamonds with a splash of red wine in their hearts, these bottles sparkle throughout the auction, and as the saying goes: one can always dream. Read more about what awaits the lucky bidders on the collection in the next three paragraphs.

A Wine that Puts Any Point Scale to Shame

A bottle of Chateau Haut-Brion 89 in a magnum size bottle. Dare we say it? We’ll whisper it softly instead. Perhaps the most legendary wine of recent times, which again and again has made the 100-point scale crawl shamefully and with a proper scolding into the deepest and darkest corner of the wine cellar to reassess its limitations when it comes to measuring the quality of wine. 

The Vintage that Turned the Wine World Upside Down

Chateau Latour 1982 OWC. This is the vintage that catapulted the “American wine lawyer” into the stratosphere and turned the wine world on its head. In these bottles, we find the cause for this upheaval. The content is nothing short of majestic and carries enough stopping power in the form of fruit and soft tannins to tame even the most stock-heavy and bone marrow-filled Bordelaise sauce. 

Art in a Bottle

From the same cellar we can also offer bucketloads of the always artful Chateau Mouton-Rothschild in both square and round shapes. The immortal 1986 vintage in magnum size. A whole case of the 2000 vintage in OWC, which can do more than just bleat about its quality and cool equipment. An entire unopened case of the 2005 vintage that only gets better as you get older.


This small taste of the full menu is hereby handed over to you the readers, and we hope that auction 2043 will be to everyone's liking. Start bidding before your neighbour does.

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