Danish Graffiti Artist Creates Work for the Danish Red Cross

The work "Our Denmark" was created by Los Angeles-based artist Mikael B. and is now being sold at a charity auction here at bruun-rasmussen.dk on 30 June for the benefit of the Danish Red Cross's relief work.

A Love of Denmark Put on Canvas

The work is a new interpretation of the map of Denmark and was created at a time when the whole world was suddenly changed due to COVID-19. While Mikael B. resides in the US, he still feels a strong bond with Denmark:

“I needed to express my feelings for Denmark on a canvas. My many positive memories of Denmark, of the beautiful Danish nature with the green beech woods and the beautiful, blue sky filled with the purest Nordic air. The work distills all my sensory impressions and the contrasts of the seasons that you can only experience in Denmark – all the things that make it the Denmark we know and love," 

Mikael Brandrup, the man behind the artist name Mikael B. and ambassador for the Danish Red Cross’ Club 10, which consists of well-known personalities from the Danish worlds of business and culture.

A Newcomer at Our Auctions

The love of his home country led to the work "Our Denmark", which we can now present at an Online Auction in collaboration with Mikael B. and the Danish Red Cross. All proceeds from the upcoming auction will go to the Red Cross' relief work in Denmark and internationally, and therefore we will not charge any fees in connection with this auction.

As an ambassador for the Red Cross Club 100, I am delighted when art and charity can come together for a higher purpose. At Bruun Rasmussen, we look forward to providing the platform of an Online Auction so we can reach out to art lovers around the world and make a contribution to a good cause. This is the first time we are presenting a work by Mikael B. at auction, and it is always exciting to be able to present a new contemporary artist to our customers,” says Alexa Bruun Rasmussen.

Art for a Good Cause

"Our Denmark" is also for sale in a number of "limited edition" prints at Mikael B.'s own website, where 20% of the sales will go to the Red Cross. In total, Mikael B. expects to donate at least DKK 250,000 to the Red Cross from the sale of these prints and the original work up for auction, and the Secretary General of the Danish Red Cross, Anders Ladekarl, is very happy about this:

The Corona Crisis has only exacerbated challenges with unhappiness, loneliness and isolation in Denmark, and we can unfortunately see that the need for support and assistance is only increasing significantly. Therefore, we are incredibly thankful that Mikael B. has chosen to donate both his time and creativity to make a difference for marginalised and vulnerable people and for the important support we receive from Bruun Rasmussen. It is a great example of public spirit. The donation from "Our Denmark" will make sure that we can help even more people, both in Denmark and in the world's poorest areas, where the Corona Crisis has also shown its ugly face."


Online Auction


30 June at 8 pm

For further information, please contact:

Alexa Bruun Rasmussen: +45 8818 1091 · alexa@bruun-rasmussen.dk