Kær’s Art Calendar 2019

"There’s always something. There’s never nothing". Perhaps you can still remember Peter Kær's thoughtful statement from last year's art calendar, where he took us on a trip back to the Danish Golden Age. From the 1st to the 24th of December you can follow a new edition of "Kær’s Art Calendar" here in the newsletter when he dives into the motif of the Skagen painter Anna Ancher's work. Each day you will receive a new episode in your inbox, but you can also follow the calendar at bruun-rasmussen.dk.


Kær' Art Calendar

1-24 December

"This time, I have chosen Anna Ancher’s “A Funeral” from 1891 as our starting point. The painting has always intrigued me for three reasons. Firstly: There is an opening in the picture next to the man with his back to the viewer and the group of people to the right which pulls me into the painting. That’s the composition. Secondly: There are the colours of the painting, the deep blue in contrast to the pink, with a little green added. It is all very elegant. Thirdly: There are all the different layers of meaning behind the painting: Why paint a funeral? Whose funeral is it? Where are we? What is the significance of death? And what does it mean to me? There is plenty to reflect upon and no time to waste ... "

Peter Kær