Books Galore!

The summer's book auction is right around the corner, and several hundred exceptional books will be changing hands and hopefully find new homes where they have been sorely missed.

Craftsmanship and Beauty – The Kelmscott Press

More than 100 years after his death, the socialist and multitalented William Morris – the founder of the Arts and Crafts movement and the privately owned Kelmscott Press – is still an influential figure within art and design. With the Kelmscott Press, Morris used the traditional methods of printing and craftsmanship, and it is precisely the interaction between ink, paper, types and decoration that has made the private press famous and its publications into coveted collector’s items. Kelmscott Press published over 50 titles. At the auction, there is a nice copy of The Romance of Sir Degrevant (Sire Degrevaunt), illustrated by Edward Burne-Jones in 1896.

One-of-a-kind Paper in Many Different Colours – The Paper Artist "Master Jacob"

Beauty and books have always been closely linked, and many bookbinders have over time given both blood, sweat and tears to their work. One of these was the Danish paper artist and bookbinder Jacob Lund – better known as "Master Jacob". Now a large collection of coloured one-of-a-kind papers are sold in loose sheets created by this virtuoso paper artist.

In addition, a number of first editions by Dan Turèll are also up for auction, including his own copy of Changes of Light, illustrated books on flora and fauna as well as art books with original prints by artists such as Chagall, Salto, Kirkeby and many others. If you are fond of autographs, you can get your hands on an impressive autograph collection of more than 4,000 contributions. Within this field of interest, the auction also contains a document from the 17th century with the Danish naval hero Niels Juel's extremely rare signature.

Meet Tangokat, Kamilla Chameleon and all the others ...

Are you dreaming of sprucing up your children's room, the kindergarten rooms or a similar location with clear colours and wonderful drawings at a reasonable price, then you now have the chance to do just that. Jan Mogensen is one of Denmark's most translated children's book writers, and his imaginative and characteristic drawings have had a permanent place in many children and young people's visual memories for a quarter of a century. Once more, we can offer a fine collection of his best illustrations here on the website.

Preview and Auction

The preview for the book auction will, as usual, be held in our premises at Baltikavej 10, 2150 Nordhavn, from Monday 17 June between 10am-5pm to Tuesday 18 June between 10am-5pm. The hammer will fall online on Tuesday 18 June from 6pm.

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