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Original samurai armour and Victorian pocket watches – nearly 100,000 artefacts move through our auctions each year, and most of the lots come with an interesting story.

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Every day at Bruun Rasmussen is different and besides the many auctions we also offer events, evaluation days and participate in fairs all over Denmark. In addition, many of the auction house's experts often participate as guests on Danish radio and television programs. For the same reason, many people have discovered the many fascinating stories the auction house contains and would like to hear more about our work and the rare artefacts that we consign daily at our offices or on valuation visits in people's homes.

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On Instagram you can also follow several of the auction house's experts on their individual profiles, including Peter Kjeldgaard, Head of the department for modern design at @peterkjeldgaard and Frederik Bruun Rasmussen, Director of international sales at @fbruunrasmussen.

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Room for Diversity and Nerdy Interests – from Wristwatches to Photographic Art

In an auction house such as ours, there is room for all kinds of niche interests – we deal with many different genres of art and design. We have, for instance, created a special Insta profile for people interested in wristwatches at @bruunrasmussenwatches.

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Another niche area is photographic art, which has its own blog that deals with the auction house's newest area of photo art. "The Good Photograph" is written by the auction house's own photographic expert Christine Almlund. “The Good Photograph” can also be followed on Instagram under @detgodefotografi.

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