Countdown to Our Clock Auction

At the upcoming auction in Bredgade, Copenhagen, we focus on table clocks and longcase clocks of the highest quality. We are therefore looking for English longcase clocks, table clocks, French mantel clocks, German Baroque clocks and pocket watches. The consignments are already rolling in and the deadline is 15 January.​​​

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Even before the new year has been rung in by clocks across the globe, we here at Bruun Rasmussen have turned our attention to the wonderful world of antique clocks, since we at the beginning of March plan to present clocks of a high international standard at a large auction in Bredgade.

John Ellicott and Son

The current consignments for the auction include a beautiful George III longcase clock from John Ellicott’s (1706-1772) workshop. The clock is from approximately 1780 and is made in mahogany. Ellicott was one of the most prominent English clockmakers of the 18th century. He also became a fellow of the British Royal Society in 1738 due to his scientific interests, which included building an observatory at his private home.

Ellicott invented a compensation pendulum for more accurate timekeeping and also developed the use of "cylinder escapement". His father had also been a clockmaker, and John Ellicott's own son, Edward, joined the workshop in 1760. Over the course of twelve years, the father and son simply signed their clocks with ”Ellicott, London”.

Table Clocks and Pocket Watches

In addition to Ellicott’s longcase clock, two baroque table clocks with horizontal discs will also be up for auction. Furthermore, we can present a series of pocket watches primarily from the 1700s and 1800s, which include a beautiful Windmills verge pocket watch with repetition on bell and in gold pair cases from approximately 1700-1720.

The auction also includes two interesting pocket watches from the Danish Jürgensen-watchmaker dynasty, more specifically an Urban Jürgensen pocket watch made of gold with double duplex wheel and quarter repetition from the 1820s and a Jules Jürgensen hunter-case pocket watch with split-seconds and 1/5 jump seconds from the 1870s.

Valuation and Consignments

With this focus on longcase clocks and table clocks from talented and historic clockmakers, there is good reason to consider an auction sale if you have antique clocks or pocket watches at home. Come by one of our locations at either Sundkrogsgade 30 in Copenhagen or Søren Frichs Vej 34 D in Aarhus, where we are always ready for a free and non-binding estimate and consignment of items. You are also welcome to use our online valuation service. The closing date for consignments to the auction is Monday, 15 January.


For further information, please contact:

Anders Fredsted: +45 8818 1142 ·

Heidi Schophuus Jensen: +45 8818 1163 ·