Forgotten Treasures of the Garden

Spring is soon upon us, and at Bruun Rasmussen we greet it with a themed auction with  architectural garden objects from all time periods. We are currently looking for lots for the auction.


In the end of March we will host an auction with the theme "Treasures of the Garden", and in this connection we are seeking original garden sculptures, fountains, garden vases and garden urns in materials such as marble, granite, sandstone or bronze. We are also looking for other garden ornamentations such as older gates and grilles in wrought iron as well as sundials.

The Romantic Garden

The current garden fashion is characterized by a romantic style, and because of this the fanciful garden ornaments of the past have experienced a renaissance in recent years. The interest for decorating has for several years been assigned to the interior of homes, yet the interest has now moved outside as well. There is now a focus on creating individual and unique spaces and experiences in the garden, and this interest can be seen both in Denmark and abroad.

Consignments and Auction

Should you be in possession of sculptures, ironware or other architectural garden objects that you want to have valuated for a possible sale at our themed online auction, then please feel free to contact us.  The deadline for consignments is 13 March.


For further information, please contact: 

Henrik Schleppegrel: +45 8818 1145 ·

Anders Fredsted: +45 8818 1142 ·

Peter Broe: +45 8818 1143 ·