Toy Banks from a Bygone Era

Several fine, mechanical American toy banks from the late 1800s and early 1900s can be acquired at this week's online auction.


Since the early 1800s, Danish children have eagerly placed their savings in the belly of piggy banks. Later on other popular animal editions came along, such as kangaroos, penguins, elephants and seals – their diet remained the same though. Even Danish celebrity editions of the piggy bank have been made, such as a version of the beloved Rasmus Klump and one of the sports commentator Gunnar Nu Hansen.


The toy banks that are up for auction this week come from a Danish private collector, where the interest has been focused on American examples, which is reflected in the toy banks’ unique expressions that also tell a story about the time they were made in. The collection includes a well-dressed "Tammany" gentleman from New York's political organization Tammany Hall as well as more controversial models with caricatures of an Irish "paddy", who has caught a pig, and an African-American "Jolly N". The toy banks are in good condition and their mechanical parts still work.


If you find yourself in the nostalgic corner after seeing and bidding on this weeks toy banks, then a visit to Randers Savings Box Museum in Denmark might be the answer. Here you can go exploring among 3,500 foreign and Danish toy banks.


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