International photographic art

The interest shown in consigning works to the photography auction has been overwhelming. The auction features art and portrait photography by world-class photographers such as Terry O’Neill, David Drebin and Martin Parr. The auction ends today at 6 pm!

The bare walls at Baltikavej will be briefly transformed into an art gallery on 18 and 19 November when we open the doors to the preview of what is just the second photography auction to be held at the auction house in recent times. There has been tremendous interest in consigning works. Fortunately, it is not only the supply that has grown since the first auction in early June; the quality of the works has too. Works by international names such as Martin Parr, Terry O’Neill and not least David Drebin, who are regular “guests” at international auction houses, are some of the highlights of the auction.

As with so many other contemporary photographers, Canadian-American photographer David Drebin’s cinematic and often seductively dangerous universe has its origins in advertising photography. But since his first solo exhibition at the leading art photography gallery Camera Work in Berlin in 2005, Drebin’s art photographs have received a great deal of attention, and are now highly sought after on the international market.

Prominent portrait art

English portrait photographer Terry O’Neill has been taking portraits of the stars since the 1960s, and several of his works are today considered iconic. Some of his portraits also hang at the National Portrait Gallery in London, including a copy of his iconic portrait of Isabella Rossellini from 1984, which is also up for auction.

However, international artists are not the only ones to have created sought-after modern expressions. The same can also be said of the talented Danish photographers Keld Helmer-Petersen, Jan Persson, Ole Christiansen and Søren Solkjær Starbird. The latter three have all portrayed virtually anyone who’s anyone in the world of music and art. Quite literally – from James Brown and Leonhard Cohen to Iggy Pop and REM’s Michael Stipe. And portraits by these three have that special something that justifies the term portrait art, such as in Ole Christiansen’s powerful, graphic black-and-white portrait of the Chinese actress Maggie Cheung from 1998.

Niagara Falls in the 1860s

In addition to art and portrait photography, the auction also features a great many old photographs, including a very early ambrotype by the Canadian photographer Platt D. Babbitt of a view over Niagara Falls with people in front of it, taken in the 1860s. Babbitt’s images of Niagara Falls are famous and easily recognisable as he was a well-known photographer in the area. He had a permanent position as a tourist photographer along the banks of the magnificent waterfall and was, among other things, known to chase rival photographers away from the area if they took the spots with the best view.

Erotic photographs

The erotic motif is also featured at the photography auction, which include soft nude studies of women from a bygone era as well as fashion photographer Helmut Newton’s stylised women, including the photography book, SUMO, which is a tribute to Newton’s life and work in giant format.

Preview and auction

The preview of the photography auction takes place at our premises at Baltikavej 10 in Copenhagen on 18 and 19 November from 10 am–5 pm. The hammers fall online at from 6 pm on Tuesday 19 November.


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For further information, please contact:

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For further information, please contact:

Christine Almlund: +45 8818 1216 ·