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Over the summer we have been working on a couple of changes to our business, which we are excited to share with you.

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Consolidated shipping services from Copenhagen to the US

You no longer need to worry about arranging the shipment of the items you purchase at Bruun Rasmussen Auctioneers. We have you covered!


  • Your items will be shipped directly from our auction house
    in Copenhagen to the warehouse of Cadogan Tate Fine Art in New York or Los Angeles respectively.     

  • There are up to eight scheduled shipments a year depending on volume.


  • Based on the current shipping rates, the shipping costs are: 

    • New York - $250 per cubic meter (CBM) or 35 cubic feet (CBFT)

    • Los Angeles - $425 per cubic meter (CBM) or 35 cubic feet (CBFT)

    • These fees include packaging, insurance, shipping, handling and delivery to Cadogan Tate’s warehouse in either New York or Los Angeles.

  • US customs fees apply as follows:

– Merchandise Processing Fee of 0.3464% of FOB value (min $25/max $485). 

– Harbour Maintenance Fee of 0.125% of FOB value (no min/max). 

– Other customs fees depending on the tariff code. 

  • Delivery to any US destination can be arranged through Cadogan Tate at an additional cost. Please contact Cadogan Tate for a specific quote. Here are some examples as reference points:

    • Delivery to New York metro area for 1 CBM (35 CBFT): $180 

    • Delivery to Los Angeles metro area for 1 CBM (35 CBFT): $180

  • For personal pick up at Cadogan Tate’s warehouse in either New York or Los Angeles:

– Release charges will be $45.00 (up to 1 hr.) or $60.00 per hr. for large releases.


  • In case items require special custom-made crating, the customer will be billed additionally according to the size of the crate and the manpower involved. 

Read more about shipping from Denmark to the USA

For further information, please contact:

Team Leader – Shipping: 

Tina Bavnbek Jepsen: +45 8818 1056 · tbj@bruun-rasmussen.dk

U.S. Representative:

Sandra Septimius: +1 718 764 7601 ·  ss@bruun-rasmussen.dk