Stay updated by text message

Receive a free text message to let you know if you have been outbid and inform you of hammer prices at the auctions you have bid at.

Your mobile reminds you to bid ...

Receive a free text message when you have bid at the online auction or the traditional auction. It lets you know if you have been outbid and reminds you when the auction ends, minimising the risk of you losing out on the items you were particularly interested in.

To date, this service has only been available in e-mail form, but now you can have the same information sent by text message to the mobile number you have registered with us. You choose what type of bid-related e-mails and text messages you would like to receive.

Text message and e-mail notifications

  • Bid notification – sent to acknowledge bids submitted to our online and traditional auctions.

  • Outbid notification – sent in the event you are outbid at our online auctions.

  • Reminder notification – sent by e-mail 6 hours before, and by text message 1 hour before the start of the auction or bidding deadline, when you have submitted a bid or bookmarked an item up for auction.

  • Result notification – sent immediately after the hammer falls at the online auctions and within 24 hours of the traditional auctions.

Subscribing to the service is easy! Log in and select the notifications you require on “Your page” under the menu option “E-mail and text message notifications”.


For further information, please contact:

Teknisk support: +45 8818 1114 ·