Holger Roed's commemorative beaker. A silver beaker, gilt interior, adorned with three inserted medals; The Royal Academy's “Den store Guldmedaille (Merenti)” (large gold medal), “Lille Guldmedaille (Conanti)” (small gold medal) and “Lille Sølvmedaille (Alliciendo)” (small silver medal), encircled by applied laurel wreaths between which double-winged cherub heads, the stem with beading, leaf band and flower garland, on circular base. The side with applied initials and date HR 1846–1874. The base reverse scratched Holger Roed. Only marked with maker's mark Dragsted. Weight 489 g. H. 14 cm.

Holger Roed (1846–1874) was the son of the painter Jørgen Roed. HR was admitted to the Academy of Fine Arts in 1861, became a student at the model school in 1864, won the Academy's small silver medal the same year and in 1866 received his graduation certificate as a painter. In 1868 HR received the small gold medal for the painting “The Lost Son” and in 1870 the large gold medal for the painting “Scene of the Flood”. Both paintings belong to the Academy of Fine Arts.

According to information, the beaker was made by Arent Nicolai Dragsted after a design by Jørgen Roed in memory of his son Holger Roed.


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