Henrik Smid (b. 1495, d. 1563)

Fjerde Urtegaard flitteligen tilsammen lest aff lerde Lægers Bøger. Cph: Hans Vingaard 1557. 8vo. Coll. A8-F8,G4. Complete incl. last blank. + En Liden Bog om Menniskens Vand […] af Laurentius Friscio. Cph: Hans Vingaard 1557. 8vo. Coll. A1–8, B1–8. of which B8 is a facsimile. B7 is repaired. All leaves are professionally preserved and some margins repaired. + Om Pestelentzis Aarsage/forvaring och legedom der emod. Cph: Hans Vingaard 1557. 8vo. Coll. A - C,1–8 og D 1–4 (last leaf blank) a total of 28 leaves. + Tredie Urtegaard/ […] indeholdende nogle skøne lægedoms [...]. Cph: Hans Vingaard 1557. 8vo. Large and complete copy. Titel page and leaf 4 (A4) with repairs, mounted in from another copy incl. sign. F7. Title page reinforced with silk gaze on verso. + En skøn Nyttelig Lægebog indeholdende […]. Lægedomme. Cph: Hans Vingaard. 1557. 8vo. 48 leaves. A8 - F8. 2 last leaves with dampstaining. On top of title page the first [?] owner of the book has written: “Peder Perssen er rett eyer mand mett denne bock 1559”. All 5 vols. bound in later, nice full leather bindings (FP). (5)

Henrik Smid's famous home medical adviser became tremendously popular during its time and was reprinted again and again. It is an important part of the Danish-Norwegian folk culture and of interest to the study of medical history. Lauritz Nielsen: Dansk bibliografi 1482–1600, #1511,1512, 1508, 1505; Thesaurus #266, 267, 265 and 264. “En liden Bog om Menniskens Vand”, not mentioned in Thesaurus. Bibl. Danica I: 798–99.

Provenance: Flemming Erik Pedersen (1931–2020).


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