A French Empire gilt bronze allegorical mantel clock showing Clio, the Greek Muse of History and Music, playing her harp, to the left of the clock dial are placed wreaths and a plaque with the names of Roman Poets 'Pline', 'Homere', 'Tasse' and 'Virgile', the base decorated with a large mount and a relief of Apollo. The dial marked 'Cailland á Paris'. Early 19th century. H. 57 cm. W. 46 cm. D. 20 cm.

Similar clock in the collection of the Royal Palace at Chantilly, north of Paris.


Later pendulum hang. Pendulum is enclosed. The watch works, but we do not guarantee for the functionality. Wear due to age and use. Loose back leg.


Furniture, carpets and varia, 27 November 2019


25,000 kr.

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