The Neugebauer Namazlyk: Two antique cental Asian rugs. The Neugebauer Ersari-Beshir Namazlyk(prayer rug). A rare and important example of this type. Purchased at the R. Neugebauer auction. Copy of the Winkel & Magnussen auction catalogue from 1939 is enclosed. Mid-19th century. 152×88 cm. And an Ersari chuwal(most likely purchased at the R. Neugebauer auction). 19th century. 147×85 cm.(2)

Provenance: Rudolf Neugebauer, Germany R. Neugebauer was a specialist and a high esteemed author of literature on Oriental carpet. Among other R. Neugebauer/Orendi. Handbuch Der Orientalischen Teppichekunde, 1909 where you will find several rugs from his collection pictured. The present Ersari-Beshir prayer rug was purchased at the Copenhagen auctionhouse Winkel & Magnussen in 1939. Lot. 31. Page 9. Due to the 2nd world war situation Mr. R. Neugebauer left his rug collection in Copenhagen to be sold at Winkel & Magnussen. This sale included 62 rugs from the Neugebauer collection.

Similar examples from the literature: Turkmen. Tribal carpets and traditions. The textile museum, by Louise W. Mackie and Jon Thomson. P. 187. Pl. 95.

Rugs and carpets from Central Asia. The Russian collections by Elena Tzareva. Leningrad 1984. P. 148–149. Pl. 99–100.

Zentralasiatische Teppiche. Ulrich Schürmann, Frankfurt 1969. P. 128. Pl. 48.


Hard wear. Apperas with repairs. hard wear. Torn ends and edges.

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