Herbert Krenchel, a.o.: “Krenit”, a.o. Seven metal bowls decorated with enamel. A metal candlestick with blue enamel is included. (7)


“Krenit”, a.o. Seven metal bowls comprising two salad bowls, a medim sized bowl and three small bowls. Decorated with resp. green, lime-green, light blue, yellow and red enamel. One large salad bowl decorated on both inside and outside with blue enamel. One bowl (yellow enamel) marked monogram for Herbert Krenchel. Made by Torben Ørskov & Co. H. 3.8–11 cm. Diam. 8.9–25 cm. A metal candlestick with blue enamel is included. Not marked. H. 4.4 cm. Candle holder's inner diam. 1.4 cm. (7)


Some peelings in enamel by upper edges.

Starting in Havnen

Modern art and design, 21 January 2020


Modern decorative art


Herbert Krenchel, a.o. (b. Frederiksberg 1922, d. 2014)


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