Rasmus Eckhardt (b. 1982, lives and works in Copenhagen)

Untitled, 2021. Signed and dated on the reverse. Soft pastel on skateboard. 80×21 cm.

Rasmus Eckhardt's work is centered around an investigation of the painting. In his works, Eckhardt uses various forms of depiction to portray people in the process of an action. Eckhardt's works are often characterized by their fragile expression, fine brushstrokes and light shades.

The creation of the works often begins with either chalk or brush painted on wooden board, and subsequently Eckhardt adds the many layers of colors and motifs that together create the works. Finally, Eckhardt grinds the works, thus creating a special surface in the paintings, where colors from paint and chalk are mixed together and create a rough surface in the works.

Eckhardt works with the perspectives and figures of the works in a special way, where he incorporates parts of reality and places them in a universe where the perspectives and figures of the works bring notions of a dreamy state. The works can be perceived as a fragmented reality, where some of the figures are missing their face features, or the perspectives merge with the background. This helps to create the overall expression of the works and gives the viewer a feeling of being somewhere between dream and reality.


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Please notice that the work is part of the charity auction to benefit Børns Vilkår and the campaign “Small Children's Voices” in collaboration with “Curated by Jens-Peter Brask”.


8,000–10,000 kr.


Price realised

11,000 kr.  

20 bids

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