A selection of Aluminia faience ware, decorated in polychrome colours with flowers and fruit, including desk top set, vase, bowl a.o. Several items decorated by an employee at the factory for private use. Vase H. 24 cm. (10)

Writing set, comprising ink cradle, lid jar no. 905, pen tray, inkwell, inkstand, bowl no. 870.

Lid jar no. 907

Oval bowl no. 1118

Ashtray no. 1234

Vase with wide shoulders


Jar and cover with repair at the faun, second quality. Jar and cover no. 907 with chip to the ear and at the rim. Inkwell with discoloration at the lid. A few items with crackles. Vase with chip to the base, personal dedication on the bottom.

Several items without number, but marked with initiales.


3,000 kr.


Price realised

2,500 kr.  

12 bids

When Bidder Bid
950498 2,500 kr.
161847 (Auto bid) 2,400 kr.
950498 2,300 kr.
161847 (Auto bid) 2,100 kr.
950498 2,000 kr.
161847 1,950 kr.
971222 (Auto bid) 1,900 kr.
161847 1,850 kr.
971222 1,650 kr.
52126 (Auto bid) 1,600 kr.
971222 1,550 kr.
52126 1,500 kr.