Grete Jalk (b. 1920, d. 2006)

Et par lænestole af riopalisander. Hynder i sæde og ryg betrukket med sort skind. Udført og mærket hos P. Jeppesen, 1970'erne. (2)

CITES-certificate valid for transport and re-sale within the European Union included.


Wear due to age and use, including scratches and marks. One chair with loose assemblings at front and back on armrest. One chair with visble dowles in sides. Same chair with mounted screws in the bottom in back of seat. (See photos) Later unoriginal girths frayed. Leather with stains, dirt and crackles.

Items that are made of Brazilian rosewood or contain parts of it, require a CITES export permit in order to be exported from Denmark to a country outside The European Union. Buyers residing outside the European Union are required to obtain this permit.


10,000–15,000 kr.


Price realised

11,000 kr.  

9 bids

When Bidder Bid
11,000 kr.
10,500 kr.
(Auto bid) 10,000 kr.
9,500 kr.
(Auto bid) 9,000 kr.
8,500 kr.
8,000 kr.
7,500 kr.
7,000 kr.