Johan Thomas Lundbye (b. Kalundborg 1818, d. Bedsted 1848)

Profile portrait of a young gentleman wearing a green coat over a brown waistcoat and a high collar. Double signed and dated Johan Lundbye Januar 1836, and with monogram 36. Oil on panel. 18×17 cm. Unframed.

Johan Thomas Lundbye (1818–1848) painted the present portrait in 1836 and gave it to his brother Theodor Louis Lundbye (1816–1907). Theodor Louis Lundbye gave the painting to his son Philip Julius Bornemann Lundbye (1849–1912); thence by descent until today.

In the late 19th century, Philip Julius Bornemann Lundbye was hired as an estate manager in Östermyra Bruk in Central Finland. Around 1890, he purchased part of the manor he managed, but went bankrupt a few years later. The family had to move, and they came to Helsinki. His daughter, Annette Elisabeth Lundbye, married the former Danish sea captain Erik Hansen Hermansen, who worked in Finland. Philip Julius Bornemann Lundbye gifted the painting to the couple as a wedding gift.

In 1912, Philip Julius Bornemann Lundbye took his own life. His wife moved back to Denmark with some of the children. The daughter Annette Elisabeth Hermansen remained in Finland with her husband and the painting stayed with her. The couple had three children. They gifted their eldest son Hans Hermansen (1905–1983) the painting as a wedding present when he married the Finnish woman Aino Inkeri Helenius. Hans Hermansen and Aino Inkeri Hermansen left the painting to their daughter, who left it to a close relative of hers - the present owner.


25,000–30,000 DKK


Price realised

24,000 DKK