Aurelius Augustinus (b. 354, d. 430)

Aurelius Augustinus: Librorum divi Aurelii Augustini [...]. Pars Undecima (Del 11). Basel: Johannes Amorbach. Joh.Petri & Joh. Froben 1506. Folio. 2 blanks + 257 leaves + one blank. 2 columns, 57 lines. Bound in cont. vellum binding with blindtooled decorations, with clasps and chiseled corners and center brass fittings on front cover. Rust marks and hole in back board from a chain. An illuminated paper label is placed on the front cover in a brass frame. The decoration on the front board indicates that the book has been placed on a desk. The binding is patted with 3 double leaves of vellum manuscript.

Exhibited at the Danish Society of Bibliophiles anniversary exhibition and reproduced on the cover of the catalogue.

Provenance: Flemming Erik Pedersen (1931–2020).


Condition report on request. Please contact: books@bruun-rasmussen.dk


10,000–15,000 kr.


Price realised

28,000 kr.