A gentleman's wristwatch of gold capped steel. Model Polerouter. Mechanical movement with microrotor, cal. 215. Black dial with coloured hour markers and hands. Black Universal strap with C-type buckle of gold plated steel. Watch diameter 35 mm. 1950–1960s.

Accompanied by Universal brouchure.

The most well-known Universal Geneve watch of the post-war era is without question the Polerouter. Designed by the legendary Gérald Genta at the age of 23, it was originally produced as the Polarouter in 1954, later replacing the name with Polerouter in 1955. In its initial fifteen years of production, the Polerouter was produced in many variations, including Polerouter Super and Polerouter Jet. The model made aviation history, as it was worn by SAS pilots during their flight over the North Pole from Scandinavia to California via. Alaska in 1954. The movement was able to withstand the magnetic fields associated with the North Pole by being protected by a soft iron inner casing.


Wear due to age and use. The watch works, but we do not guarantee for the functionality.

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