2016/​210 P. S. Krøyer, Anna Ancher, Frans Schwartz: Selfportrait, An old woman reading, portrait of Lundbye. Signed in print. Etching. Various sizes. Unframed. (3).


Krøyer's selfportrait. Signed in print S. K. dated Jan 99. Etching. Sheet size 44×32.

“Læsende gammel Kone”. Old woman reading. Opus 1. Signed in print A. A. dated 96. Etching. Sheet size 43.5×31.

Frans Schwartz after Lundbye. Selfportrait of the painter Th. Lundbye. Signed in print. F. S. dated 1906. Etching. Sheet size 43.5×31.5. All Unframed. (3)

Inscribed in Danish on label mounted on lower edge of the sheet: Fr. Schwartz: Portrait of the painter Th. Lundbye. After a drawing in pencil by from 1837 by Th. Lundbye.


Damp discolourations. Discolourations. The paper has turned slightly brown.


Paintings, furniture and varia, 13 April 2020




2,000–3,000 kr.


Price realised

3,400 kr.

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