A Roman marble head of a lady with piled-up hair in the manner of empress Vibia Sabina, with delicate carved eyes, sharp eyebrows and small mouth. Hole on top of head and carved groove all around hairdo suggests the head would have had an applied diadem. The terminated neck shows she was intended to fit a sculpture. Mounted on stand. Roman Imperial Period, 2nd century AD. H. 24 cm.

The head is present in the photograph of Wilkens.

Exhibited in 1974 in the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek: Antik kunst i dansk privateje (Antiquities in Danish private collections).

Literature: Catalogue from the above exhibition, 1974, p. 28–29, cat. 162. In the catalogue reference to A. Carandini, Vibia Sabina, 1969, 76 pl. VIII, LVIII, fig. 111–112.

Provenance: J. A. Jerichau (1816–1883). Sold at the Jerichau estate sale in 1884, lot 35 “ Young woman. Nose and back of head chipped. Handwritten note in catalogue ”Beautiful". Stated in bill. Professor C. Wilkens (1844–1929). Danish private collection, by inheritance.


Antiquities, furniture, decorative art, carpets and books, 22 September 2021


120,000–150,000 DKK


Price realised

110,000 DKK