Finn Juhl: “The original Poet”. A unique, freestanding two seater sofa with legs of dark stained beech. Made by cabinetmaker Niels Vodder, 1945. L. 137 cm.


“The original Poet”. A unique, freestanding two seater sofa with legs of dark stained beech, sweeping front and back. Back and sides upholstered with greyish black wool, fitted with buttons. Seat and buttons upholstered with light wool. Made by cabinetmaker Niels Vodder, Copenhagen in 1945. L. 137 cm.

Provenance: Acquired directly by current owner from the family of Niels Vodder. Kirsten Vodder was the daughter of cabinetmaker Niels Vodder, and together with her husband the celebrated danish Poet Frank Jæger, they moved to the town of Farum outside Copenhagen, at that time considered the countryside. the couple were friends with the writer Jørgen Mogensen whom was the mand behind the story and eternally running comic strip “ The Poet and little mommy”. They themselves as well as their home becomes the background for the entire story Based on a basic story line of a young writer-wife couple that moves to the countryside, and the little things that this entail. The story features regularly two pieces of furniture: An Arne Jacobsen “Egg” chair used by the Poet character, and a small rounded sofa that functions as their common nest. - which likely is this present sofa. This sofa was however unique and with no distribution known by no-one, it would be the earlier FJ-41 sofa that in time wrongly became known as the “Poet” sofa. A perception that has stood up until now when this rare sofa again reaches the public. A quick glance at the comic strip immediately reveals that the sofa, featured here completely lacks the pointed armrests of the FJ-41 sofa, but rather is soft and round as the present sofa.

This actual piece was presented at the Copenhagen Cabinetmakers' Guild Exhibition in 1945. Literature: Grete Jalk [ed.]: “40 Years of Danish Furniture Design”, vol. 2, ill. p. 276.

This lot is subject to Artist's Royalty.

Finn Juhl and design, 27 September 2012


Modern furniture


Finn Juhl (b. Frederiksberg 1912, d. Ordrup 1989)


100,000–125,000 kr.


Price realised

100,000 kr.