Peter Green (b. Liverpool 1706, d. Åbenrå 1795)

A Danish pine and giltwood longcase clock, gilt brass dial with openwork corner ornaments, engraved centre with minute dial, calendar and painted moon phase to the arch. The dial signed 'Peter Green, Apenrade'. South Jutland, c. 1780. H. 237 cm. W. 56 cm. D. 31 cm.

Among the best-known of the Danish clockmakers is Green of Aabenraa, or 'Apenrade', as the signature is written on the clocks. The family can be traced back to the English clockmaker Peter Green, who emigrated with his wife and children from Liverpool to Aabenraa around 1745, where he worked until his death in 1795. He had two sons, William and Jonathan, who also became clockmakers in Aabenraa and finally William Green had a son, Jakob Green, who continued making clocks until his death in 1847. The Green clocks span a period of more than a century. Literature: D. Yde Andersen: Bornholmer og andre gamle ure, Borgens Forlag, 1974.


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20,000–30,000 kr.


Price realised

15,000 kr.