A gentleman's wristwatch of steel. Model ''Bundeswehr'', ref. 1550 SG. Mechanical flyback chronograph movement with manual winding, Valjoux 230. Black dial with tritium hour markers and white hands. Black leather strap with C-type buckle of steel. Watch diameter 43 mm. 1970s.

Military inscription 6645–12-146–3774.

Norway, Italy and Germany all have one thing in common, which is that all their respective air forces chose the Heuer 1550 SG chronograph watch as the timepiece for their pilots. The watch was originally designed by the Swiss watchmaking company Leonidas who merged with Heuer in 1965. This particular example is from the 1970s, signed Heuer and was bought by the German Bundeswehr for one of their pilots. To accommodate the difficulty of pronunciation, this specific model is generally known simply as the “Bund”. The watch fea- tures a flyback chronograph movement, a feature for the pilots to more easily reset the chronograph when doing consecutive timings.

Additional Remarks

All wristwatches up for auction were in working condition at the time of their consignment and inspection, but they have not been tested over a longer period of time. Since the wristwatches are in a used condition, no warranty is provided for their functionality or of the originality of any replaced parts in the wristwatches, such as the dial, hands, bezel, mechanical parts etc.

Payment is possible only by credit card in the salesroom or by bank transfer.


Wristwatches, 29 September 2021


30,000–35,000 DKK


Price realised

32,000 DKK