Georg Jensen, a.o. (b. Rådvad 1866, d. Hellerup 1935)

A small bowl and an ashtray of terracotta. Vase cast with pea pods in relief. Decorated with yellowish green glaze. Stamp signed Georg Jensen. Made and marked by P. Ipsen, Kjøbenhavn, Eneret 501. H. 11 cm. Ashtray decorated with black and orange-brown glaze. Faint stamped signature. Made and marked by P. Ipsen, København, 132. H. max. 12 cm. L. 21 cm. (2)


Georg Jensen bowl: One pea pod with repair and another pea pod with a minimal peeling in glaze with later paint. Ashtray: Normal signs of age and use.


Modern art and design, 30 November 2021


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