Leonora Christina

Erik Eriksen Pontopppidan

Corfitz Ulfeldt

Friendship book for bishop Erik Eriksen Pontoppidan from his educational journey to France and the Netherlands supported by the king. Fragment. Consisting of 12 orig. autographs, incl. Corfitz Ulfeldt and Leonora Christina. Cph 1641–1642. 8vo. In addition to Ulfeldt and Leonora Christina the collection contains greetings from among others: Willich Westhovius (later principal at Herlufsholm), Barbara Wittrup (widow to cancellor Christen Krag on Kragerup), Hans Pouch (later priest in Ribe), Ludvig Pouch (later doctor in Ribe), Hans Mikkelsen (later bishop in Odense and sermon author), Jonas Hambræus (Swedish professor of Oriental languages at the University of Paris and Wichmann Hasebard (later bishop and former teacher for Leonora Christina). The leaves are octagonal and measure 13,5 + 11,5 cm. Collected in a newer, full leather binding in octagonal shape. The two leaves of Corfitz Ulfeldt and Leonora Christina have been removed from the collection for some years and “returned” in 2009 after FP bought them at auction (BR, 913/3009).

Leonora Christina, Countess Ulfeldt, born Countess Leonora Christina Christiansdatter af Slesvig og Holsten (1621–1698), was the daughter of King Christian IV of Denmark and wife of Count Corfitz Ulfeldt (1606–1664). Both were important persons and had great power. After the death of King Christian IV in 1648, King Frederic III wanted to reduce the influence of the couple and he claimed Ulfeldt for treason. Ulfeldt fled the country together with Leonora to Sweden. Five years later, Leonora visited Denmark hoping that she and Ulfeldt could reconcile with King Frederic III but she was refused admission and expelled from the country. Hereafter, Leonora followed Corfitz Ulfeldt who fought with the Swedes and Karl X Gustav against Denmark.

In 1663 Ulfeldt was condemned to death in absentia by the Danish gouvernment because of treason, and Leonara Christine was accused of being a part of the crime. She denied all guilt but without trial she was imprisoned for the next 22 years in Copenhagen Castle's infamous Blue Tower (“Blåtårn”). Here she wrote the posthumously published autobiography, “Jammersminde”, written secretly during two decades of solitary confinement.

The quotation by Leonora Christine is of historical interest not least due to the fact that it is written before she knew of her sad fate. Also the quotation by Ulfelt is of particular interest seen in reltation to his fate. From other historical sources we know that Ulfelt often used the quotation “Tout le monde est une farce” and that he often added “... et se gouverne par opinions”.

Provenance: Erik Eriksøn Pontoppidan, bishop of Trondheim, who wrote the first Danish grammar, “Grammatica Danica” (1668). Later H.I. Andersen, Troensegaard Collection and Flemming Erik Pedersen (1931–2020).


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