P. S. Krøyer (b. Stavanger 1851, d. Skagen 1909)

“Skagen Sønderstrand. Tre optrukne både nær ved havet. Den forreste er mørkeblå. Sejlene er foldede sammen om masterne. Gråvejr.” Skagen Sønderstrand. Three boats lying on the beach near the sea. The front one is dark blue. The sails are folded around the masts. Overcast day. Signed and dated S. K. 23. Juni 82. Oil on canvas. 32×48 cm

H. Chr. Christensen, A Catalogue Raisonné of the Works of P. S. Krøyer, Cph. 1923, no. 272.

Exhibited: “P. S. Krøyers mindeudstilling Charlottenborg”, 1910 no. 113.

Provenance: Jeweller Georg Hertz (1910). The collection of the stockbrokers Johan and Martin Levin, their auction February 1923 no. 65. Here acquired by merchant Julius Tafdrup. Bruun Rasmussen auction 500, 1987 no. 48, reproduced 36.

19 June 1882, Krøyer arrives in Skagen for the first time, and the present work is one of his first paintings from Skagen and probably the first from Skagen Sønderstrand.

When Krøyer arrived in Skagen, the weather was so bad, that he decided to paint an interior as one of his first works. That became “I købmandens bod, når der ikke fiskes” (At the grocery shop when there is no fishing) (The Hirschsprung Collection, inv. no. 3083). For that painting, he made a sketch on 26 June (The Hirschsprung Collection, inv. no. 209) and even earlier a drawing (The Hirschsprung Collection, sketch book inv. no. 7040). But on 23 June, he ventures out on to the beach to paint this sketch of two fishermen by their boat. Thus, in one of his earliest paintings from Skagen, Krøyer recognises the picturesque possibilities with the motif of fishermen on the beach, which would become one of his favoured in Skagen.


300,000–500,000 DKK


Price realised

320,000 DKK