12014/​27 Bode Willumsen, Marianne Starck, Axel Brüel, Ulla Hjorth, Per Linnemann-Schmidt, a.o.: Seven vases and bowls of stoneware and ceramics. H. 14. (7)


Seven vases and bowls of glazed stoneware and ceramics. H. 14. (7)

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Art, antiques & collector's items, 2 April 2020



Bode Willumsen, a.o. (b. København 1895, d. 1987)

Marianne Starck, a.o. (b. 1931)

Axel Brüel, a.o. (b. 1900, d. 1977)

Ulla Hjorth, a.o. (b. 1945)

Per Linnemann-Schmidt, a.o. (b. København 1912, d. 1999)


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