Martin Bubandt (b. Helsingør 1978)

“Reconstructed Goodbye”, 2020. Edition 5. Archival pigment print on Hahnemulle Photo Rag Framed in white oak with 'true color' glass. Visible size 118×88 cm.

The framing is donated by Rammefabrikken, Gl. Kongevej.

The Danish photographer Martin Bubandt has gained international recognition for his work. His work is a hybrid between portraiture and art - raw and honest yet with a whispering appearance. He has managed to create a very unique and aesthetic character to all of his work.

'Reconstructed Goodbye' is from his latest exhibition 'From My Father’. The work visually illuminates the memories of a complete family. From their last vacation in Sweden to the funeral flowers. It’s a dramatic photographic study of the fragile memories and the unpredictability of life. 'From My Father’ serves as a tribute to family, memories and time - the time between tragedy and the present.


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Please notice that the work is part of the charity auction to benefit Børns Vilkår and the campaign “Small Children's Voices” in collaboration with “Curated by Jens-Peter Brask”.


20,000–25,000 kr.


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