A Danish named naval officers’ dagger after the pattern of 1848 with a white grip and a c 19 cm long double-edged blade in a brass scabbard. The quillion is marked F L H H and the scabbard F. HAMMER. The dagger belonged to commander Frederik Fritz Lemwig Hastrup Hammer 1852–1911.


The blade is spotted and the scabbard throat loose.

For the purchased lot we require an import permit from your home country authority.


4,000–6,000 kr.


Price realised

9,000 kr.  

24 bids

When Bidder Bid
9,000 kr.
(Auto bid) 8,500 kr.
8,000 kr.
7,500 kr.
7,000 kr.
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6,000 kr.
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5,000 kr.
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3,000 kr.
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