Guanyin carved ivory figure standing in fine pearl lined costume with flower basket and phoenix bird at the side. China, ca. 1900. H. 56 cm. Carved wooden stand incl.

Provenance: Gretchen Annelise Lykke, b. 1927. Mother dead in childbirth. Farther an English nobleman missing in action in the far east 1929. Gretchen Annelise Lykke stayed in China until 1936 when she was adopted by Danish adoptive parents. She had through her fathers friendship with Reginald Fleming Johnston connection to him as a child and always referring to him as “uncle”. According to tradition she got the figure from him.


Several countries outside the EU (third countries) ban import of items containing materials from endangered species. This lot number might be covered by such provision and potential buyers are advised to familiarize themselves with these rules.

crack in the ivory Wear due to age and use.


Varia, 23 January 2014


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