Hans Christian Andersen (b. Odense 1805, d. Copenhagen 1875)

Eventyr fortalte for Børn. Vol. I. Hæfte (part) 1–3. Cph: C.A. Reitzel 1842–46. 2nd issue. + Eventyr fortalte for Børn. Vol. II. Hæfte (part) 1–3. Cph: C.A. Reitzel 1846–47. 2nd issue. 12mo. Vol. I: 1st part: Joint title page (dated 1846) for the three parts. + joint content leaf + Preface (Til de ældre Læsere). + 61 p. incl. half-title (Eventyr) + title page (dated 1842). + 2nd part: 76 pp incl. half-title (Eventyr) and title leaf (dated 1844). + 3rd part: 60 p. incl. half-title (Eventyr for Børn) and title leaf (dated 1846). + Vol. II: 1st part: Half-title (Eventyr for Børn) + joint title leaf (dated 1847). + poem to Johanne Louise Heiberg + joint content leaf. + 58 p. incl. title leaf (dated 1846) + content leaf for part 1. + 2nd part: 53 p. incl. half-title (Eventyr for Børn) + title leaf (dated 1847) + half-title (Eventyr) + content leaf. + 53 p. + 3rd part: Half title (Eventyr for Børn) + titlepage (dated 1847) + 49 p. Bound in one cont. full cloth binding and one cont. half calf binding. Both housed in one nice half morocco box.

This set of the extremely scarce second printing contains in all 19 of Andersen's famous fairy-tales, incl. “Fyrtøiet” (“The Tinder Box”), “Lille Claus og store Claus” (“Little Claus and Big Claus”), “Prindsessen paa Ærten” (“The Princess on the Pea”) and Den lille Havfrue (The little Mermaid).

“During Andersen's lifetime 162 of his Fairy Tales were published, but the scarcest and most difficult to obtain are these six little pamphlets. We do not know exactly how many, or how few, copies were printed, but we do know that no copy with all the title pages and tables of contents has ever been offered for sale by any dealer or at any auction. To my knowledge, only five or six complete copies of the first printings (1835–1842) still exist. Even the second printing of the six pamphlets in their entirety (1842–1847) is exceedingly scarce and difficult to obtain.” (Jean Hersholt).

“The tales of Hans Christian Andersen are unique. [...] Andersen's stories signalized a new and fundamentally different approach to the writing of books for children”. (PMM)

Literature: BFN: 266; Hersholt: Jean Hersholt Collection of Hans Christian Andersen, 1954. p. 23–27; Printing and the Mind of Man #299.

Provenance: Flemming Erik Pedersen (1931–2020).


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