Evan Jensen

Gunnar Ander (b. 1908, d. 1976)

Two bronze vases, a dish and three bowls, and two black-painted metal and brass candelabra. A vase enchased with handle. Marked GAB, Brons, 90. Made by Guldsmedsaktiebolaget, Sweden. H. 15.5 cm. One bronze vase with grooved sides. Unmarked. H. 15.5 cm. One dish enchased with deer motif in relief. Made and marked by Evan Jensen, Denmark, Bronze, 226. Diam. 17.8 cm. Three bronze bowls, one enchased with grooved exterior, the other mounted on foot and the third enchased with relief edge decor. Marked resp. Bronze and Evan Jensen, Copenhagen, Bronce, Grand Prix Barcelona and GAB, brons, 49. Made by Evan Jensen and Guldsmedsaktiebolaget, Sweden. Diam. resp. 7.5 cm, 8.5 cm and 29.5 cm. Two six-armed black-patined metal and brass candelabra. Made and marked by Ystad Metall, Made in Sweden. H. 27 cm. L. 30 cm. (8)


Normal patina due to age and use, including scratches and marks. Edges with notches. Both candelabras with traces of candlewax. Black-painted vase also with some surface rust.


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