A collection of Russian garments, e.g. for carnival use, comprising among others dresses, vests, aprons and gown. C. 1900. L. from c. 9 cm to c. 100 cm. (17).


A collection of Russian garments with more, among others for carnival use, comprising cream coloured dress with red embroidery as well as red shirt blouse, apron and skirt with embroidery and laces, white long briefs, brocade vest, bridle with flowers and ribbons and head scarf, floral bouquet and flower border, white dress with embroidery, tulle dress, vest with embroidery, light skirt with embroidery, brocade gown, long white hooded shirt and white scarf. C. 1900. L. from c. 9 cm to c. 100 cm. (17).


Wear due to age, among others minor holes and spots.


Russian theme, 5 December 2019


Collector's items


2,000–3,000 kr.

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