Søren Sejr (b. 1981)

Untitled, 2021. Signed and dated on the reverse. Mixed media on canvas. 83×63 cm.

Søren Sejr is known for his poetic paintings that are either abstract or with few figurative elements placed in abstract surroundings. The subtle nuance and texture difference between the image surface's two media - oil and acrylic - means that the works reveal themselves at a slow pace, which contributes to an almost meditative experience. In many of the paintings, however, the large surfaces of color are broken up by print on a background of raw canvas. This helps to give an expressive and gesturing dimension to the works as well as a feeling that the otherwise flat expression is made up of a number of material-bound layers or levels. This creates a both calm and overwhelming; soothing and intrusive, expressions at one and the same time.


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Please notice that the work is part of the charity auction to benefit Børns Vilkår and the campaign “Small Children's Voices” in collaboration with “Curated by Jens-Peter Brask”.


30,000–40,000 kr.


Price realised

26,000 kr.  

18 bids

When Bidder Bid
1068207 26,000 kr.
1035592 (Auto bid) 25,000 kr.
1068116 24,000 kr.
1035592 23,000 kr.
1067401 (Auto bid) 22,000 kr.
287987 22,000 kr.
1067401 (Auto bid) 21,000 kr.
1035592 20,000 kr.
1067401 19,500 kr.
959353 19,000 kr.
854566 18,500 kr.
1035592 18,000 kr.
963439 17,500 kr.
909941 17,000 kr.
925141 16,500 kr.
849670 16,000 kr.
854566 15,500 kr.
888283 15,000 kr.