C. W. Eckersberg, after c. 1830

“En bygning i den romerske campagne”. A buildning in the Roman campagna. Unsigned. Oil on canvas. 27×31 cm.

The original from 1815 (with the same dimensions) was sold at C. W. Eckersberg's estate auction 1854 no. 13 with the above mentioned title. Here acquired by the National Gallery of Denmark (KMS 5720).

Julie Eckersberg, “Optegnelser om hendes Fader C. W. Eckersberg”, (Records about her Father C. W. Eckersberg), 1917 tells (in Danish) about the home at Charlottenborg and describes the various rooms including “the yellow living room”, which was the fine living room with bright sea green walls, mahogany furniture with yellow silk upholstery and elegantly hung curtains. On the walls hung more than 30 of Eckercberg's Roman prospects. Here his students had the opportunity to copy the master himself. The original for the present painting as well as cat. no. 13 come from Eckersberg's estate.

Eckersberg had many gifted students but it has unfortunately not been possible to find out who painted this Roman prospect.


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Paintings & drawings, 1 December 2020


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18,000 kr.